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Project coordinator: Johanna Touzel


Johanna is French-German and studied History and International Relations in Strasbourg and Bonn. She previously worked at the German Bundestag, the Hungarian Parliament and the European Parliament before joining COMECE in 2006 as the spokesperson. Johanna is a coordinator of the IXE Group for the Semaines Sociales de France.

"This project is like a bridge between different traditions, different realities which often have difficulties in meeting and understanding one another: Academics and politicians, NGO's and citizens, Religion and politics".


Project manager (2014-2016): Marek Mišák 


Marek is from Slovakia. After completing his Legal Studies in Vienna, he obtained a Master ‘s degree in International Law at the University of Sussex. During his studies, he also participated in the EU exchange programme Erasmus and spent a semester at the University of Wolverhampton.

Marek started working for the IXE Project “The Europe Experience” in January 2014.

"It has been a real challenge to prepare this website in 7 languages, but we managed and I'm really pleased that so many Europeans will now be able to “experience Europe” in their mother tongue”.





What is IXE ?


IXE stands for the Initiative of Christians for Europe.


During the 1990s, numerous organisations representing the social teachings of Catholicism in Europe came to the conclusion that it was no longer possible to reflect upon or debate social questions or societal problems without placing them in their European context.


Based on these findings, in 1999 the Semaines Sociales de France (SSF) and the Central Committee of German Catholics (ZdK) came together, and in May 2000 they published a manifesto entitled Manifesto for a European Consciousness (available in 8 languages). This was the point of departure for a partnership between the two organisations, a partnership designed to offer an opportunity for Christians from the various countries of Europe to meet together. The organisations then convened on several occasions in European cities including Brussels in January 2001; Berlin in February 2002; Cracow in March 2003; Lille in 2004; Saarbrucken in 2006, …


A European Working Group was created in June 2002; in March 2006, it was named the ‘Initiative of Christians for Europe’ or, in abbreviated form, IXE. An important step by the Group was to draw up a manifesto to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome in March 2007; entitled ‘Rediscovering the Meaning of the European Construction’. In 2009 IXE published a call on the occasion of the elections for the European Parliament. These texts are available in different languages on the IXE website. IXE also organised conferences on the ‘European Asylum Policy’ (Brussels, 2010) and ‘Conflicting memories in Europe’ (znak, Warsaw 2012).


IXE is committed to pursuing four major objectives:

•            to give European Christians who wish to convey the social message of the Church an opportunity to meet and to more deeply come to terms with their historic and cultural differences;

•            to launch a dialogue with society as a whole, and to articulate position statements with regard to topics of relevance for the future of European society;

•            to encourage reflection about the process of European unification, particularly in dialogue with national and European institutions; and

•            to help organise events with a European objective on themes of current social relevance.

Generally speaking, the members of IXE are determined to promote a more energetic European awareness in debates at the national level.



At the time of publication of this presentation, IXE had members in the following countries: Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain. The Group also includes an observer from the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community (COMECE).


IXE Coordinators:

Martina Köß

ZdK / Central Committee of German Catholics

Hochkreuzallee 246

D-53175 Bonn / Germany

+49 228 3 82 97 34

Johanna Touzel

Semaines Sociales de France

18 rue Barbès

92128 Montrouge Cedex / France

+32 2 235 05 15




IXE Declaration in view of the European Elections 2014:

Download the text in PDF in English, German, French